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Alex Milczarek

At MEL from November 2021

"From Day One, I’ve felt part of the team. I started as an admin assistant and have recently been promoted to office manager. Management says ‘Thank You’ for even the smallest tasks. The work is never boring and there are always new things to learn. I’m just happy going to work. It’s priceless."

I love working for my company. That moment you wake up, you're happy to be going to work. It’s priceless. We have two fantastic directors, Andy and Simon, who make working for MEL a pleasure, not a chore. Exceptional leadership and communication based on kindness and mutual respect. Management often says 'Thank You' for even the smallest tasks. The office team and directors work in an open space and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. There is no stress. It is just a very healthy working environment. 

From my first day everyone treated me as part of the team and continue to support me all the time. People are friendly and always helpful which makes us trust each other. I'm not afraid to say I don't know how to do something or that I need help. And you can count on our two directors. They support us in doing the work but also help us if we have problems in life. Holiday or taking a few days off are never a problem. The salary is really good for all of our employees. The engineers work in extremely interesting, beautiful, often historical or natural places like Eton College, locks and weirs on the River Thames and Premier League football stadiums.
I have developed on many levels, realizing my potential here. I have varied tasks, which allows me to avoid monotony and I can organize work at my own pace. Our leaders support creativity and are open to new ideas we propose, which are often implemented. I feel very appreciated in my position. I started as an administrative assistant and have recently been promoted to office manager. The company pays for our training and even organizes working time so as not to interfere with courses. I was given the opportunity to choose where I wanted to develop, knowing that if the amount of work grew, the directors would be ready to hire an additional person. This feels unique, gives me a sense of comfort, and encourages me to take up new challenges. 

Working at MEL has positively changed my life in many ways. A good salary and good standard of living, and a very good working environment which fulfils me and leaves me feeling good - so important for your mental health! I feel extremely grateful for the opportunity to work in this company, with such a great team.

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