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George Russell

At MEL from May 2017

"A close-knit young team providing excellent service. Not just a job, but a little community of electricians."


My company is great to work for because we carry out projects in various stunning locations along the river Thames. We have also had brilliant opportunities to work in stunning heritage buildings sited at Eton College. We wouldn't have had the opportunity to see the ins-and-outs of these beautiful places if we hadn't worked here.


The advantages of working here include being an appreciated member of a close-knit team working together to provide an excellent service with a smile. Other advantages are great salary with a complete package, new fully equipped vans with fuel card, travelling expenses, best quality work tools, new comfortable uniforms and above all secured working hours for each employee with overtime available. 


We work in a quite young team with constant support from our directors and project managers. Every day they are making sure we all feel good and understand what we should be doing. Thanks to effective communication within the company, we can turn to our directors with any matter. They always find time to chat with us regardless of their workload. In addition, there is a rule within the company where “If you make a mistake, speak up – don’t cover up. We are a team, we will deal with it as a team. We work to achieve our goal together.”


In our work we are given the time and support by line managers to do the best possible job. When we finish a job and look at the install it makes us feel proud. Job satisfaction is high, especially when you are appreciated by leaders and clients.


There are numerous incentives to climb the career ladder and many options for improving professional qualifications financed by the company. The development plan for each employee is discussed during the annual employee appraisal as part of the Continuing Professional Development meetings.


We also have company events organized several times a year. It's great fun and develops our integration as a team.


Maidenhead Electrical Ltd is a well-managed company that cares about employees, creates numerous development opportunities and just is an excellent place to work. It's not just a job, but our little community of electricians.

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